Reminder: Juniors will be taking the SAT tomorrow along with all 9th/10th graders who missed last week's PSAT. We will begin first thing in the morning. Please have your Chromebooks charged.
about 2 hours ago, Mike Bowers
There will still be HS Pole Vault practice tomorrow at Lone Star at 11pm. No normal track practice because coaches will be with the JH kids in Wiggins. The bus for the JH track meet in Wiggins will leave Lone Star at 7am. Please be at the school with all of your belongings by 645. There will be one pick-up in Otis at 7:15. Gooo Longhorns!
1 day ago, Kara Weathers
Lone Star Prom will be ending at 10:30. If you are picking up your student you can stay in your vehicle, and we will send them down. If they are driving, we will send them on their way. Juniors will stay to help clean.
2 days ago, Kim Smith
The prom is still scheduled for tonight at the Hays Student Center Ballroom on the NJC campus. Pictures start at 6:30 p.m. and the Grand March will start at 7:15 p.m. (Parents welcome) The dance will end at 10:30 p.m.
2 days ago, Kim Smith
Reminder: Prom is tomorrow night. There will NOT be an after prom this year. Tuesday - All juniors will be taking the SAT on Tuesday and students in 9th/10th who missed the PSAT test today will be doing their makeup assessment on Tuesday as well.
3 days ago, Mike Bowers
If you are interested in Mrs. Newton's youth summer camp please complete the following survey.
3 days ago, Mike Bowers
There will be no HS track practice tonight, April 19th.
4 days ago, Kara Weathers
All Freshman and Sophomores will be taking their PSAT assessments tomorrow.
4 days ago, Mike Bowers
The bus will leave Lone Star at 7:15 tomorrow morning, April 18th, for the HS track meet in Wray. We will make one stop in Yuma at Family Dollar at 7:30. Please be on time and equipped with everything you will need for the day. Go Longhorns!
5 days ago, Kara Weathers
A few announcements: Prom is at Hays Student Center Ballroom (upstairs) April 20th Mrs. Atkins will start pictures at 6:30 Grand March will begin at 7:15. Parents are welcome to attend the grand march. Dance will go until 10:30 Freshman will be taking their PSAT assessment this Friday. Next week we will begin SAT and PSAT testing with 10th-11th grade students.
5 days ago, Mike Bowers
Tomorrow's HS track meet in Merino has been canceled. At this time, there is no information on a possible reschedule date.
7 days ago, Kara Weathers
There will be a mandatory track practice for ALL High School track participants (not just vaulters) tomorrow, the 15th, from 8:30-10:30. JH vaulters are welcome to come for the first hour and do work with both Jack and Ely. We are trying to get this practice in before the wind becomes an issue. This week is busy with two meets during the week and less than perfect weather towards the end of the week.
8 days ago, Kara Weathers
The JH tracksters are leaving Holyoke now and will be back at the school at 630. Please be at the school to pick them up.
10 days ago, Kara Weathers
Third and Fourth Grade Parents: We have just received word that the bus is just north of Otis on it's return to the school.
10 days ago, Julie Green
The HS Track team will travel to Kersey tomorrow for a meet at Platte Valley HS. The bus will leave Lone Star at 6:30 sharp with a stop in Otis at ^;45. Be at the school no later than 6:15. Please bring all necessary items to get your through a warm day including sunscreen, water, and snacks. Go Longhorns!
11 days ago, Kara Weathers
The JH track meet is in Holyoke on Friday. The bus is leaving right after bus routes arrive. If you bring your athlete to school, they need to be at the school no later than 7:35. Bus will leave at 7:40 SHARP. Please dress accordingly for the weather and bring plenty to eat and drink. The meet will last all day. Sunscreen would also be appropriate.
12 days ago, Kara Weathers
HS track is going to Yuma tomorrow. Bus is leaving the school at 8am sharp. Please be early to departure time. Those who signed up to meet in Yuma need to be there at 8:30am. Go Longhorns!
15 days ago, Kara Weathers
Technical difficulties at the end of the track meet. The bus just left. They will be in Otis in 15 minutes.
17 days ago, Kara Weathers
The JH track kids will be leaving Akron in 30 minutes. Please be in Otis to pick up your kids at 4:30 or at the school at 4:50. Thank you!
17 days ago, Kara Weathers
Reminder: Today is the enrollment deadline for the EF Tours trip to France and Spain next year. If you have any questions, please contact Ashlynne Newton at
17 days ago, Ashlynne Newton