If anyone did not get the opportunity to have a physical done today, Yuma clinic will allow you to come tomorrow morning to Yuma Middle School gym and get yours completed. They will be doing physicals for YMS students so you may have to wait in line. Please visit our website to download the paperwork that you will need to fill out.
about 10 hours ago, Janet Muller
Yuma clinic is closing for physicals at 2 .. sorry if this is not working for time for some of you. We didn’t know when they were closing.
about 11 hours ago, Janet Muller
Physicals will be at Yuma Middle school not the clinic!
about 12 hours ago, Janet Muller
Reminder for physicals tomorrow at the Yuma Clinic starting at 1pm. Students must be accompanied by a parent. You can use the physical form that they have on hand at the clinic. Physicals are Free.
1 day ago, Janet Muller
REMINDER: JH girls have summer league basketball Monday at 3:30 at NJC. The bus will leave Lone Star at 2:30. After the game, the girls will then head to their volleyball games.
3 days ago, Kalyn Serrato
REMINDER FOR JH LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL: Tomorrow we play at 4:45 and 5:30! It’s still at Sterling High. Please bring the blue papers back Signed and ready to turn in. Also if they did not pay last week please pay this week it is $25 a player. We need to make sure we’re turning those things in to the Director of the league so we are not late on anything! We are working to get a shuttle from the school to Sterling and back to the school. A notification will go out as soon as we have it figured out. HS GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Wednesday night we still have league at NJC. The schedule of games will be sent out tomorrow. Please contact me if you plan on being there!
3 days ago, Kalyn Serrato
REMINDER JH VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE: Tomorrow we play at 4:45 and 5:30. Please remember if your player brought home a blue paper to get signed that they bring that tomorrow. They also need to bring $25 of they haven’t paid the fee last week. HS VOLLEYBALL GIRLS: The schedule will be sent out tomorrow for this Wednesday. Please contact me if you are planning on making it.
3 days ago, Kalyn Serrato
Reminder for JH boys open gym 3-5 pm, Hs boys Open gym 5-7 pm tomorrow.
3 days ago, Janet Muller
REMINDER: JH girls basketball team will be leaving from lone star at 2:30 with a game at njc at 3:30. HS basketball girls will meet at njc by 5:15 for games at 5:30 and 8:30. JH volleyball players are also leaving that this time and on the same van! HS volleyball girls: no league this Wednesday (June 9th). NJC is redoing some flooring! BOYS BASKETBALL REMINDER: JH boys refresher 3-5 pm, Hs boys Refresher 5-7 pm tomorrow.
10 days ago, Kalyn Serrato
To clarify: Mahiro’s party is today at 3:30-5:30 pm (time was changed due to the bowling alley hours)
13 days ago, Janet Muller
Time change: the party has changed to 3:30-5:30 PM To all LS high schoolers: please note there is a time change for Mahiro’s bowling party tomorrow; we had to move it to 3:30-5:30 pm because of scheduled power outages in Sterling. We know this not ideal for those with jobs but we will see you at Ice Lanes if you are still able to attend!
13 days ago, Janet Muller
The basketball refresher tomorrow is for girls only.
14 days ago, Janet Muller
REMINDER: JH basketball refresher camp for those who are wanting to play summer league is tomorrow June 3 at 10 am-noon and HS basketball refresher camp is from noon-2 pm
15 days ago, Janet Muller
Attention all High school students: There is a change in time for Mahiro's bowling party tomorrow. It will be from 4-6 PM at Ice lanes in Sterling. (this is due to a scheduled power outage in Sterling).
15 days ago, Janet Muller
Bus Routes will run at 1:00 PM today. Please plan accordingly. Have a great summer. Go Longhorns!
20 days ago, Janet Muller
The busses will be running about 15 minutes late today.
20 days ago, Janet Muller
Looking for a fun summer activity? Lone Star is hosting an Art camp. See attached information.
21 days ago, Janet Muller
Art Club
The Bus routes will be running about 10 minutes late today.
21 days ago, Janet Muller
Bus Routes may be a bit later than usual tonight. (Rocky and Vicky's buses only) Reminder: JH and HS Volleyball Pictures tomorrow as well as JH and HS Track Pictures. Please plan accordingly
22 days ago, Janet Muller
Enrollment packets are being sent home with one of your students. Please fill it out crossing out any changes and writing in correct information. Please make sure that you are filling out both sides of paperwork and have student return to the school. Reminder: If you plan on having your student get a physical at Yuma MS on June 16th in the afternoon, please let Janet know ASAP.
23 days ago, Janet Muller